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MAB Agency buys and pinhooks, on behalf of clients, horses (yearlings, horses in training, breeding stocks) at the various main sales in the world.



MAB Agency can provide you with a full service for breeding operation such as matings, nominations purchases at the best possible conditions available.
Also, inspection and evaluation of your stock regularly…



MAB Agency can provide you, at the very competitive rates, various insurances for racing and breeding purposes: mortality, pregnancy, foaling, shipping…  Also, inspection and evaluation of your stock regularly…



MAB Agency can provide you with the logistic for transporting your horses worldwide (by plane, road or boat).



MAB Agency can provide a full service from setting up the company, buying the horses mainly at public auctions, following up, informing the partnership and selling if good opportunities.

In 2006, Deauville Racing Club was created with 35 shareholders. Some exciting results such as Kadance Blue (L), Torrid Hell (L), Dovil Boy (Gr3), Tropico (L), Vodkato (L).

In 2012, Spanish Racing Club was created with 30 shareholders, with promising results such as Ancient Goddess winner of the Listed race Star Shoot Stakes at Woodbine.
Horses in training at Chantilly with Mauricio Delcher Sanchez: Combarro 2 yo C, La Latina 3 yo F, Mangusto 3 yo C, Mercenario 3 yo C, Zuberoa 3 yo C.


MAB Agency manages racing stables cumulating around 200 horses in training such as:

Casaque Carli Casaque Treptow Casaque Martinez Casaque Mouknass Casaque Boucheron Casaque Mme Berghgracht
Isabelle Corbani Olivier Carli Jim Treptow Javier Martinez Salmean Ahmed Mouknass Serge Boucheron Mme MA Berghgracht
Casaque_Werner_Baumann Casaque_Claire_Stephenson Casaque_Cuadra_Mediterraneo Casaque_Fernando_Bermudez Casaque_Haras_Beauvoir Casaque_Hesham_Aboushkiwat
Werner Baumann Arturo San Jose Mazariegos Claire Stephenson Cuadra Mediterraneo Fernando Bermudez Haras De Beauvoir Hesham Aboushkiwat
Casaque_Maldon_Racing Casaque_Spanish_Racing_Club Casaque_Pandora_Racing Casaque_Sunday_Horses_Club_SL
Maldon Racing Spanish Racing Club Ecurie Pandora Racing Sunday Horses Club Ecurie d’Haspel Woodslane Farm LLC Gerard Decocq